Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Student life

Wow. University is so busy at the moment. We have four days of lab work every week, which of course means we also have several reports and assignments to hand it. Now, I'm fine with the lab stuff, but then we have subjects like ethics and every time I see that word I feel like jumping off a cliff. Seriously, I hate it. What is even the point (ok, I know why) when I don't even plan on working with people? I'm going to be one of those mental scientist people who spend day and night in their laboratory cloning mice and playing with bacteria.


Okay, I won't. But I really do not plan on working with patients. I've been offered a summer job at the department for clinical pharmacology this summer and then after I graduate, I want to work in the oil business. Loads of chromatography, which I find alright.

Now I have Thursday, Friday and Monday off (thank God) and an ethics project to be handed in on Monday (no thanks to God).



  1. I enjoy reading your blog Mia. It sounds really interesting at University. Chromatology sounds incredibly complicated! I imagine there must be a lot to learn. I am not quite sure what you mean by the 'Oil business', do you mean like make up type oils or are we talking like Texan Oil business - like in 'Dallas'!

    Good luck with your course!

    1. Thank you! Yes, it's a very busy course, loads of assignments, lab lessons and exams, but it's worth it.
      I'm talking oil business as in Statoil, bringing oil and gas up from the sea. ;) Biomedical scientists in Norway can work on analysing the oil and gas, making sure there are no harmful bacteria in it and finding out what substances are in the oil. It's quite interesting.

    2. thanks for explaining that. I was convinced it was 'make up' oils as well! Just shows