Thursday, 29 May 2014

Trondheim sunshine

Ila church & Nidelva, 27 May 2014

Tuesday was a very sunny day in Trondheim and I was in a rather good mood as I had finished my third exam, so I decided to snap some photos with my phone. This is right in the middle of the city centre, but it's still so nice and green. Trondheim is Norway's third largest city with 170,242 inhabitants (thanks to wikipedia for that fact). It is where I attend university and it's a beautiful city.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Telly Tuesday: Broadchurch

First aired: 4th March 2013
Number of episodes: 8
Number of series: 1
Status: Current (hiatus)

Written by Chris Chibnall, starring David Tennant, Olivia Colman, David Bradley and Arthur Darvill... Can it get any better?

Broadchurch is a British detective series/crime drama. The story starts off with the body of a young boy being found on a beach. DI Alec Hardy (Tennant) and DS Ellie Miller (Colman) are hired to solve the case. The town of Broadchurch is small and quiet, and nobody knows who could've killed Danny or why.

Watching this series was extremely exciting. Everybody formed their own theories, nobody knew who could've done it and the ending was a HUGE surprise. The killer's identity was such a huge secret that only four cast members knew who it was while filming. So if you're thinking of watching Broadchurch, DO NOT GOOGLE IT. It will spoil it for you.

Series 2 will be filmed soon and both Tennant and Colman will be returning. In addition, Eve Myles has been announced as a new cast member, which made me so happy!

What Broadchurch brings to the crime genre is beautiful visuals, amazing actors and a particularly well-written multidimensional story. Trust me, just watch Broadchurch.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Longing back

It's a rainy, foggy Saturday here in Norway, so I'm longing back to London and the perfect spring weather. I'm not a huge fan of spring and summer, but I love London, so I don't mind the weather no matter how it is.

Only forty-eight days until I get to go back. ♡

Friday, 23 May 2014

Days with depression

It has been more than two years since I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and panic disorder. What triggered it was my moving to Kongsberg to attend university in 2011. It happened very fast. In a couple of months I lost more than 10kg in weight, suffered daily panic attacks and started having sleep problems. I moved home after I finished my exams in May/June 2012, but it was already too late.

In December 2012 I started taking Citalopram for my problems.
In January 2013 I started exposure therapy for my anxiety (which is linked to my emetophobia). I did this for seven months and it helped a lot with the phobia, although my anxiety remains to some extent.

Recently I've been getting worse. Last week I started taking Remeron/Mirtazepine in addition to my other medicine, but I had to stop because it made me feel dizzy and drugged and it's exam season. I have daily consultations with my therapist. I get panic attacks when I'm around people and my therapist and I are now discussing the possibility of having me admitted to hospital... I never wanted it to get this bad - well, of course I didn't. But it did.

This past Tuesday I actually got a dog. A tiny little Yorkshire Terrier puppy that I named Nicco. He was going to be my saviour, my ray of sunshine. I believed it, my therapist believed it, my family believed it. And what happened? I had a major breakdown, cried for 24 hours, had difficulty breathing, couldn't speak. The responsibility was too overwhelming and after only a day of owning the most perfect little dog in the world, my mum had to help me find a foster home for him. I'm so disappointed in myself. I'm a failure and I feel like a failure no matter how much my therapist and family tell me I'm not. It's so hard to believe that I'll ever get better.

Well, this has been a very personal post, but like my mum says: "Sharing a problem makes the burden easier to bear." I know I'm not the only one to suffer from these mental problems, so maybe one of you have experienced something similar? Would you like to share (anonymously or public)? ♡

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Telly Tuesday: LOST

First aired: 22nd September 2004
Number of episodes: 121
Number of seasons: 6
Status: Ended (23rd May 2010)

I started watching LOST right from the beginning when it aired here in Norway. After the first episode, I was hooked. Now, this is a proper adventure mystery show filled with cliffhangers and plot twists (just the way I like it). After each episode you'll be left with more questions about what the hell is going on with the island, with the characters and everything. The answers are few and far between, but that's what keeps this show interesting. There are also really emotional scenes that had me gasping and crying.

I think I've watched the whole show three times now. Once as it aired, once with my host dad Barrie while I was living in Norwich, UK, and then I got all the DVDs and watched them again. Barrie and I used to do marathons, where we would literally sit and watch LOST for 12 hours. It was great.

If you like shows like Fringe or Orphan Black, then my guess is you'll probably like LOST too.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle, 6th May 2014
My sister and I had been to Cardiff once before our recent trip, but we hadn't been to Cardiff Castle before. So when the weather starting acting up and it looked like it would rain, we decided that a castle visit sounded like a good idea.

The castle was beautiful. I've always loved old medieval fortresses (although this castle actually is way older than that) and I love walking around inside them, trying to imagine what life was like way back when. It's one of my favourite things to do, especially when visiting the UK (Scotland was paradise for a castle lover like me).

Q: Have you been to Cardiff Castle?

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Exams and revision

It's that time of the year again. When every student in every country on earth just want to hide under a blanket and sleep for a month or two. My first exam is tomorrow. "Profession, research and ethics"... BLEURGH. It's basically the least interesting subject I've ever had to revise. And yes, you guessed it. I'm procrastinating right now.

While revising, I always have to watch (or more like listen to) a horror film. I don't know why, but that's just the way it has to be. I can't concentrate at all in complete silence. Not that I'm good at concentrating when it's not silent either, but ya know...

To all other students out there: I feel for you. Let's stay strong and get through our exams together.

Q: Are you sitting exams these days?

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Telly Tuesday: Reign

Historical fiction! Who doesn't love that?!

First aired: 17th October 2013
Number of episodes: 21
Number of series: 1
Status: Current (next episode 1x22 airs on 15th May)

Reign follows the story of Mary, Queen of Scots and is set in 16th century France. Though it is based on historical facts, it is highly fictionalised, but not in a way that takes away from the story.

I would probably say that this show appeals more to women than to men, as its main focus is on love and lust, but it does have some very intriguing plot details and a few brilliant action scenes as well. Side plots like pagans, Nostradamus, Clarissa and the Darkness makes the show feel more like a proper Hollywood film rather than a history lesson.

The show already won a People's Choice Award for Favourite New TV Drama, and if that doesn't make you want to watch it, then I don't know what will!

Monday, 12 May 2014

London 7th May 2014

We left Cardiff on Wednesday morning, but had a few hours to spare before we had to get the Gatwick Express. So we ended up spending a while in London, doing some sightseeing by foot (my sister haven't been to London before) and had dinner in Covent Garden. The weather was beautiful and I'm thrilled that I got to spend some time in my favourite capital city.

Big Ben, 7th May 2014

Victoria Memorial outside Buckingham Palace, 7th May 2014

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Telly Tuesday: Supernatural

So much more than just a scary show!

First aired: 13th September 2005
Number of episodes: 191
Number of seasons: 9
Status: Current (next episode 9x21 airs 6th May)

Before I started watching Supernatural, I thought this was just a show that would completely freak me out. I will be honest with you, I was pretty freaked out during the first season. The Bloody Mary episode, anyone? But something made me keep watching (maybe it was Jensen Ackles' insanely good looks) and I was hooked. The story arc grows throughout the series and what started out as a show about two brothers fighting ghosts and the occasional demon, is now a show about two brothers involved in a huge scheme including heaven and hell, angels and demons, past and future. It is quite amazing.

It is still sort of scary, but after nine seasons you get used to how the show works. Honestly, you just HAVE to watch this if you haven't yet.