Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Telly Tuesday: Supernatural

So much more than just a scary show!

First aired: 13th September 2005
Number of episodes: 191
Number of seasons: 9
Status: Current (next episode 9x21 airs 6th May)

Before I started watching Supernatural, I thought this was just a show that would completely freak me out. I will be honest with you, I was pretty freaked out during the first season. The Bloody Mary episode, anyone? But something made me keep watching (maybe it was Jensen Ackles' insanely good looks) and I was hooked. The story arc grows throughout the series and what started out as a show about two brothers fighting ghosts and the occasional demon, is now a show about two brothers involved in a huge scheme including heaven and hell, angels and demons, past and future. It is quite amazing.

It is still sort of scary, but after nine seasons you get used to how the show works. Honestly, you just HAVE to watch this if you haven't yet.


  1. I had never seen the series before, but a friend of mine said I had to try to look at it. So at the beginning of the year I sat down and actually started watching this series. Must admit that some episodes are scary, like the Bloody Mary episode. But I feel I have become a bit more grown up and I manage to watch such series now. A couple years back I had been to frightened by such a series. But now I have quite a thing for it, although I must admit that sometimes I hold my hands in front of eyes sometimes :P Very glad that they have it on Netflix, because I can see it there :)

  2. åh jeg elsker supernatural. Og ja, bloody mary episoden var ganske heftig, og det er den i alle filmer eller serier. Ghost whisperer er nesten mer skummelt enn supernatural, men bra den også!