Saturday, 30 August 2014

The end of summer

It's almost the end of August, I'm back at university and Doctor Who is back on telly. Autumn is coming and that feels good.

I'm looking forward to winter and snow and cold weather. This summer has been scorching hot here in Norway and I'm not good with heat. Lucky for me, though, I've been working in an airconditioned laboratory all summer, so it hasn't been completely unbearable. :)

So now I'm back at uni, working hard and revising. My first exam is in exactly one month - laboratory medicine - which will be interesting, haha.

How are you doing?

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

LFCC 2014

Wow. Okay. So I kind of forgot about my blog for a bit. Honestly, though, I've been working so much this summer so that's probably why. Now I'm done with my summer job and have a week off before school starts. So here's a quick update about London Film Comic Con for you guys.

So at LFCC, I met:
♡ Jenna Coleman (for the second time)
♡ Paul McGann
♡ John Hurt
♡ Jemma Redgrave
♡ Lena Headey
♡ Lucy Saxon (author of 'Take Back the Skies')
♡ Ruth Warburton (author of 'Witch Finder')

I saw, but didn't speak to:
♡ Steven Moffat
♡ Mark Gatiss
♡ Sue Vertue
♡ Bernard Cribbins
♡ Rainbow Rowell
♡ Karen Coleman (Jenna's mum)
♡ Adjoa Andoh
♡ Numerous other celebrities that I can't possibly name all of them

I went to two panels; Jenna's talk and the Sherlocked preview. At Jenna's panel, I was one of the lucky few who managed to get hold of a microphone and I got to ask her a question. It was such a surreal experience actually having a proper conversation with Jenna again. She's honestly the nicest person and she wasn't even feeling well that day.

At LFCC I met LOADS AND LOADS of my twitter followers, which was so awesome. We got a couple of group photos and it was so much fun talking to all of them. I also got to meet my lovely Ellen again, she's a Swede that I first met in London last November for the Doctor Who convention and I've missed her so much!

Comic Con was definitely a fun experience, although it was incredibly crowded and so hot. Seriously. SO HOT. If you were there, you know what I'm talking about. I still haven't cooled down, haha!

All in all, an amazing day. ♡