Sunday, 4 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Did you all have a nice December & Christmas (if you celebrate it, that is)?
I was so happy to not have any exams in December this year, apart from a short microbiology practical exam, so I felt like I could really enjoy advent and the time before Christmas.

My family celebrates Christmas up in the Swedish mountains, where we have a cottage. We're guaranteed a white Christmas up there and the atmosphere is so cosy and wonderful, so I love spending the holiday there. Since we're Norwegian, we celebrate on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas Day, and this year it was freezing cold. I'm talking -34ÂșC. C-O-L-D. But I love it. I love the snow and the cold. I'm like Elsa from Frozen; the cold never bothered me anyway!

Here are 9 snapshots from my December. Hope you're all having a great Sunday!