I'm Mia. Norwegian university student. I'm a Brit at heart, but unfortunately I was born in the wrong country.

Whovian, Sherlockian, minion of the BBC & Moffat and all that jazz. Yes, I'm a fangirl. Supernatural, Reign, Primeval, Call the Midwife, Merlin, Lost, I watch and love it all.

I love reading, mostly YA fantasy and sci-fi. Dystopian novels are my favourites.

I want this blog to be about EVERYTHING in my life, including my fandoms, my education, my depression/anxiety that I'm battling, my holidays, my photographies, the books I read etc. Everything.

Best moment of my life:
The day I got to meet Jenna Coleman (my hero) and five Doctors including Matt Smith.
Jenna hugged me.
I cried.

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